October 23, 2021

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Best CBD Oil for Cats

Every year, more and more cat owners are turning to CBD oils as a way of bolstering their pet’s physical and mental health, and for good reason too. CBD oil has been seen to reduce chronic pain, help with seizures, mellow out a pet’s anxiety, and so much more. Versatile and effective, CBD oil is as powerful as it is effective, making it the perfect addition to any loving pet owner’s arsenal.  

CBD for Cats – The Finalists

  1. Penelope’s Bloom – Editor’s Choice
  2. Holistapet – Most Versatile
  3. Anxious Pet – Best Ingredients
  4. CBDfx – Best for Relaxation
  5. PETLYcbd – Most Convenient
  6. Sol CBD – Most Potent
  7. Medterra – Best for Picky Eaters
  8. Just CBD – Best Price
  9. Extract Labs – Kosher
  10. Zatural – Rich in Vitamins

How did we decide which CBD oils are the top choices?

As with any supplement, it doesn’t matter how great the benefits are if the product doesn’t deliver. Not all CBD oil is made equally so you want to make sure you’re only giving your cat the best of the best. Here are some of the things we looked for when formulating our choices for top CBD oils for cats.  

  • Effectiveness of the product
  • Ingredient quality
  • Dosing
  • Sustainability
  • Overall cost
  • Variety

Full Reviews, Ratings & Overall Score

1. Penelope’s Bloom – Editor’s Choice


  • Added Chamomile
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Vegan
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Coconut derived MCT Oil

If your main goal is to make your kitty calmer and less anxious, then Penelope’s Bloom’s CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats is the purrfect product for you. CBD oil is naturally great for alleviating stress and relaxing one’s muscles and nerves. Penelope’s Bloom amplifies this effect by blending chamomile into their product’s formula. Chamomile is used primarily in sleepy time teas because of a compound called apigenin: an antioxidant that works by increasing drowsiness through binding to different receptors in the brain. With its natural sleep-promoting properties, including it in a product like CBD oil for cats just makes sense.  

Unlike a lot of the other oils and oil tinctures on this list, this tincture is a full spectrum rather than a broad spectrum. Full-spectrum oils include the “full-spectrum” of what the hemp plant has to offer, meaning they include all the cannabinoids including trace amounts of THC. In order to be sold as legal CBD hemp oil, these products need to have less than 0.3% THC which may not sound like a lot, but it’s often the perfect amount. Pets can be more sensitive to THC than people are, so it’s imperative that they take products that have a safe amount for them. 0.3% THC is not so concentrated that it can give a pet a high, but it is just strong enough to increase the entourage effect, boosting the effectiveness of the CBD.

Learn more at PenelopesBloom.com

2. Holistapet – Most Versatile


  • Works for Both Cats & Dogs
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Different dosing options
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Easy to Administer

When it comes to broad-spectrum CBD oil for cats, Holistapet’s CBD Hemp Extract for Pets is one of the best ones on the market. CBD is derived from marijuana plants and is only one of many other naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids. While these other cannabinoids may not possess the same healing qualities as CBD, they do boost the effectiveness of CBD through the entourage effect. Individually, these compounds basically don’t do much, but when taken together, they work far better. Broad-spectrum oil is a type of hemp-derived CBD oil, meaning it contains no THC.

Holistapet’s CBD Hemp Extract for Pets is also great for both dogs and cats. This is especially useful for fur parents who may own both, but it’s also great for cat owners who may have extra big or extra small feline friends. 

Most cat CBD oils come in one potency option since cats don’t typically range in size the way dogs do. This being said, cats can indeed differ dramatically in size, which can make dosing difficult for some owners. You wouldn’t give a Devon Rex the same size meal as a Maine Coon, so why would you give them the same dosage of CBD? You shouldn’t and, with the help of Holistapet, you don’t have to either.

Learn more at HolistaPet.com

3. Anxious Pet – Best Ingredients


  • Organic High-Quality Ingredients
  • Fast Shipping
  • Easy Dosing
  • Veterinarian Formulated & Third Party Lab Tested
  • Full Spectrum

Cat owners looking to protect and spoil their furry friends will love The Anxious Pet’s Organic Hemp Oil. 

Blended with fractionated coconut oil, this full spectrum oil is potent, and is acclaimed for its ability to support both immune health as well as brain function. This CBD oil for cats also helps with seasonal allergies and works to improve a pet’s mood. Sometimes, especially when faced with old age or various ailments, cats can lose a bit of their curiosity and affection, trading it instead for a grumpy stand-offish demeanor. This highly versatile product works exceptionally well at getting your pets back to their chipper selves by aiding them both physically and mentally.  

Dosing is also extremely easy with this hemp plant product. Unlike most other brands, The Anxious Pet only sells one dosage of CBD oil: 400mg. Of course, this is not a good amount for every animal, but they instead have milliliters marked on the bottle’s dropper. Pet owners just need to change the amount depending on the size of their pet. This makes it an extra great oil for individuals who may have many animals that need to be treated. Easy and effective.    

Learn more at TheAnxiousPet.com

4. CBDfx – Best for Relaxation


  • Organic and Non-GMO
  • Great Value
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Bacon Flavored

If you want an all-around powerhouse product then look no further than CBDfx’s CBD oil tincture for cats. 

Their special formula pulls out all the stops: organic, non-GMO, cruelty-free, solvent-free, vegan; it’s even distilled enough to be considered human-grade. This CBD oil tincture for cats has also been mixed to be a proper dosage for your cat’s petite size. A cat is going to need fewer milligrams of CBD than a pet like a German Shepard, something CBDfx has carefully taken into meticulous consideration. Customers can shop easier knowing that this hemp CBD oil has been carefully crafted from the sourcing of its ingredients all the way to its masterful craftsmanship.

CBDfx’s product is also great because it’s a tincture rather than a straight-up oil. Much like how essential oils require a carrier oil to become more effective and less harsh, CBD oil performs much better when paired with MCT oils. Typically derived from palm or coconut oil, MCT oils aid with digestion, increase shelf life, and help the CBD work faster. With a tincture, your products will be working faster and for a longer time, giving your furry friends relief whenever they need it. 

Learn more at CBDfx.com

5. PETLYcbd – Most Convenient


  • Subscribe & Save Option
  • Additive and Preservative Free
  • Broad Spectrum Oil
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Organically Grown

PETLYcbd’s formula is truly unique in that it packs the punch of a full spectrum oil without any of the THC. This is because of the phytocannabinoid-rich hemp that the oil is derived from. This means that this broad-spectrum oil contains even more of those helpfile terpenes and cannabinoids similar to that of a full-spectrum oil. This helps make the product even easier to digest and boosts the overall effectiveness. 

With a month-to-month subscribe and save option too, you’ll be able to get this powerful CBD oil without going through the hassle of constant ordering. Just set it and forget it.  

PETLYcbd also pays very close attention to the quality of its CBD products from start to finish, having impeccable oversight of the entire production process. Every batch of their fine CBD oil for cats starts with 100% local and organic hemp farmers in Colorado. The hemp CBD is then raw processed in the state before it is passed on for extraction and separation; this is where all the cannabinoids and hemp oil are taken right out of the marijuana plant. During distillation, all of the extraction compounds are completely removed from the oil. The oil is then sent on to refining and THC removal where it begins to resemble its final product. Finally, each batch is sent off to lab testing to ensure its quality. Though this may be a long process, PETLYcbd does it proudly for each batch, so you know your cat will always be getting their best product.

Learn more at PetlyCBD.com

6. Sol CBD – Most Potent


  • High Bioavailability
  • Option to Buy in Packs
  • Subscribe & Save
  • Extremely Potent
  • Salmon Flavo

Bioavailability is a word you may hear a lot when researching CBD or hemp oils and you may have asked yourself… “What is it exactly?” To make things simple, bioavailability has to do with the absorbability of a product. 

If your cat takes 14 mg of CBD, regardless of the quality, only a fraction of that original 14 will be absorbed into the bloodstream. The higher a product’s bioavailability, the stronger potency you’ll need to get results. This can be especially great for picky cats that don’t like taking drops. With Sol CBD’s Liposomal CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats, your furry felines won’t even have to take too much, and the salmon flavor helps it all go down even smoother.  

With their fast shipments and plethora of delivery options, getting your bottle of Liposomal CBD Oil is about as easy as it can get. Like a few of the other companies on this list, Sol CBD gives a subscribe and save option, but the subscription can be set to deliver every month or every two months. On top of this, customers can choose how many bottles arrive in every shipment. This is an especially great option for people with multiple cats that all may need CBD oil, as it ensures that every member of the pack gets their required amount.  

Learn more at SolCBD.com

7. Medterra – Best For Picky Eaters


  • Great Price
  • Variety of Flavors
  • Good Variety of Dosing Options
  • Organic Coconut Derived MCT Oil
  • Non-GMO

Some cats are extremely picky eaters, which can make giving medicine and supplements a chore. Medterra’s CBD Tincture for Pets comes in three different flavors so that even the most particular cats can find something that they’re pleased with. The beef and chicken flavors can be extra helpful for cats who need their tincture oils directly administered, as the better flavor will encourage them to swallow and actually ingest the oil. Cats that may dislike beef or chicken or may have allergies to either of those meats may prefer a couple of drops of the unflavored mix right on their food. By offering all three, owners are able to choose which best fits the unique needs of their furry friend.  

Medterra’s CBD Tincture for Pets contains a high concentration of CBD at a whopping 99.6%, yet it is still easily digestible for kitty cats of all ages. Owners of older cats especially sing praises to the product. 

CBD oil is a great alternative to medicine when it comes to relieving the joint pain of your cat, however, older felines tend to be more sensitive or less willing to try out something new like some weird oily drops. This masterfully blended oil tincture remains as effective as the rest, yet is gentle enough for those older cats to take with ease.

Learn more at MedterraCBD.com

8. Just CBD – Best Price


  • Great Low Prices
  • Salmon Flavored
  • Dosing Options
  • Free of Herbicides and Pesticides
  • Additive and Preservative Free

You can’t put a price on your cat’s health and wellbeing, but between vet visits, food, litter refills, and the occasional catnip toy, your furry friend can really start to rack up some bills. With all those other expenses, it can be difficult for some owners to even venture out and try purchasing CBD cat oil, but with the great price of JustCBD’s CBD Oil for Cats, even the most frugal cat parent can take the dive without having to break the bank. This CBD is of wonderful value; it’s super affordable without sacrificing any quality or effectiveness.

Both cats and dogs have what is called an endocannabinoid system which is why they’re able to reap the benefits of CBD like people. Their systems are often much more sensitive, however, and they are especially susceptible to THC which is poisonous for them. This is why it is so crucial to find a trustworthy brand for CBD products. JustCBD’s CBD oil for cats has been created with this sensitivity in mind and is perfectly balanced and mixed to be safe for your pet. 

Learn more at JustCBDStore.com

9. Extract Labs – Kosher


  • Full Spectrum
  • Kosher
  • US Grown Hemp CBD
  • Organic and Vegan
  • Great Price

If you’re on the market for a good quality simple hemp oil that works well and doesn’t break the bank, then Extract Labs’ Hemp Tincture Full Spectrum CBD could be a great match for you and your furry friend. The people over at Extract Labs have one simple goal: create clean and trusty CBD products through clean and trustworthy methods. This tincture oil is a prime example of that, being both vegan and Kosher, making it a great fit for individuals who may live and support either lifestyle.  

In recent years, a lot of people have been switching over to products that are preservative-free, organic, and are free of any harsh dyes or chemicals. While these additions may improve the overall shelf life or appearance of products, they often provide little to no health benefits and, in many cases, can dampen the effects of supplements or worse. These additives may even work as a detriment against the user and their bodies. Cats are much smaller than their owners so any harmful additives will have a much greater and more severe effect on them than a human. Extract Labs’ Hemp Tincture Full Spectrum CBD contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or colors and is made with organic and vegan ingredients. This product is safe as it is natural.

Learn more at ExtractLabs.com

10. Zatural – Rich in Vitamins


  • Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
  • Fresh Sourced
  • Contains Omegas and Vitamin E
  • No THC
  • Formulated by Doctors

With great quality, great price, great ingredients, and impeccable processing practices, Zatural manufactures perhaps the best CBD oil for cats. This product is entirely derived from hemp, as it contains CO2 extracted CBD oil and cold-pressed hemp seed oil. Tinctures will mix their CBD with MCT oil which is typically derived from coconuts. 

While this is great for a lot of pets, some cats are sensitive and allergic to coconut, making those products more damaging than helpful. Zatural’s Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Cats allows even the most sensitive felines the chance to reap the benefits of CBD.

Zatural has also made their product extremely easy to use, Each bottle comes with instructions printed right on the label and the dropper includes different measurements to assist with dosing. For individuals who may need a bit more help, they also have video instructions on the product listing page. Administering CBD oil to your cat has never been easier or more straightforward.

Learn more at Zatural.com

How can the best CBD Oil benefit my cat?

As stated before, CBD oil is an extremely versatile product, and it can be used to aid a cat’s physical ailments, clear its mind, or even improve its mood. This is all dependent on a variety of factors and every cat has a different reaction to every CBD oil so it’s hard to predict its exact effects. That being said, CBD oil is generally accepted as being an overall boost to a cat’s mental and physical health, making it a great option for pet owners who may not even be facing problems.  

Physically, CBD oil is most commonly recognized for relieving joint pain and arthritis in cats, but owners have claimed that they’ve seen an increase in so much more than that when it comes to their cat’s physical health. CBD is also commonly used to treat seizures in both pets and humans. On top of all of this, people even credit CBD products for helping their pets reduce inflammation, fight UTIS, and some have even claimed that it helps boost the defense of their cat’s immune system (although there is not enough evidence to definitively prove that is the case).

As far as mental health goes, CBD is particularly great for helping calm cats that suffer from anxiety. Many pets will display some form of nervousness since it’s only natural, but displaying severe levels of anxiety can prove to be a huge detriment to your pet’s health. CBD products help your pet to mellow out so that it can better enjoy its everyday life. Some owners even save CBD oil for just extremely stressful situations like during a fireworks display or in the midst of a big move. These events can be extremely taxing on your cat, and a bit of CBD helps them get through it more easily.  

What to consider when buying CBD Oil for cats?

When just getting into buying cat CBD, owners typically immediately want to know how to get the best CBD oil or which one is the cheapest. It’s important to remember that each CBD oil can have a largely different effect from product to product depending on the animal so owners may need to try a few brands before they settle on one that benefits their cat, but fits their lifestyle. From there, it’s just a matter of finding a product that works within your budget. Finding an incredibly effective cat CBD oil doesn’t matter if you don’t have money to buy your cat food.  

How much CBD oil should I give my cat?

Dosing varies based on your cat’s weight and the brand’s potency. Every brand that sells CBD oil for cats will give a recommendation for owners to use to best gauge the proper amount of product to administer to their pets based on size. This is a great guideline to go by and, with advice from a veterinarian, an owner can also make the choice to increase or decrease slightly as they seem fit. This is still an incredibly powerful product so it’s imperative for owners to properly heed the brand’s recommendations in order to keep the CBD oil safe for cats.  

The same goes for the frequency of doses. Some brands market their CBD oil for cats to be used daily, while others encourage users to use their CBD products one or more times a day. A few brands may even be more “use as needed,” so it’s key to do the research and know what you’re buying before making any purchase.  

What are some common CBD side effects in cats?

Even the best CBD oil could have some potential side effects so it’s important to always pay attention to the way your cat reacts to CBD. Side effects can be mild like increased drowsiness or increased thirstiness, but things like loss of muscle control or lowered heart rate could cause some health concerns. 

If you want to look out for your cat’s health, it is most wise to report any changes to a veterinarian or animal rescue professional.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is CBD oil a good fit for my cat?

That is a call for you to make, but there are a couple of things to take into consideration when thinking about giving your pet CBD oil. Generally speaking, if your cat suffers from seizures, it is probably a good idea to give them some form of CBD if it is treats or oil just to help get through the day. Seizures can be extremely dangerous for humans and animals alike. In cases like this, CBD oil could largely improve a cat’s quality of life.

Alternatively, maybe your cat is pretty well behaved and in good health, but they start to act out whenever they leave the house. In cases like this, it may be good to experiment with giving doses only on occasions where you know you’re going to leave the house. This also works for kitties who may dislike meeting people, as it can be a way to mellow them out as they get used to all the new.  

  1. Will my cat get high?

No! If a CBD oil is marketed for cats and it comes from a reputable company, it has been blended with an intentionally low percentage of THC. 

Cats and dogs alike are sensitive to THC, and larger amounts can be fatal. CBD oil for cats will at most have trace amounts of THC, only going up to 0.3% on the high end of things. This is far too little for a cat to get high off of, but it is just enough to provide a few extra health benefits for your pet.  


Cats are truly some of the world’s most amazing pets and snuggle buddies. Intuitive and dopey, elegant and adorable, cats are incredible companions that deserve the occasional boost from a product just as versatile as they are. They say a cat has nine lives, but as an owner, you only get to spend one lifetime with your pal. Let your feline friend live its best stress-free life with one of these amazing CBD tinctures and oils.