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10 Guest Characters We Want To See

I’ve made a decision to acquire on the unofficial mantle of the gaming journalist who cares the most about Tremendous Monkey Ball: Banana Mania. You can all get excited about your Deathloop or Forza Horizon 5, your Dying Light-weight 2 or Halo Infinite, I’ll be above right here getting hyped about a recreation with a monke trapped in a ball, forced to full intricate puzzles in a established time restrict in advance of a narrator shouts at you for staying as well gradual.

SEGA has been earning waves lately, declared quality DLC guest people that’ll be appearing in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, with the likes of Morgana from Persona 5, Suezo from Monster Rancher and Howdy Kitty from fairly significantly every thing all confirmed to be stuck within the minor sphere of doom. With all these crossovers, I’ve started contemplating: who else would be humorous to see in Tremendous Monkey Ball? Here are some suggestions.

Literally, I just want Monkey Ball to rival Smash Bros. at this stage.


1. Goro Majima

Goro Majima

Unquestionably more of a individual pick right here, but if Kazuma Kiryu can be highlighted in Tremendous Monkey Ball, then why not Goro Majima? The a person-eyed Mad Pet dog of Shimano, Majima appears to be like he’d really like becoming released at higher pace though trapped inside of a ball. As well as, it’d put him 1 phase nearer to his favorite boy Kiryu. Try to remember: Majima is everywhere.

Goro Majima’s character design and style is 1 of the most iconic in the total Yakuza collection, arguably even much better than Kiryu’s, and we have all viewed how adorable the chibi variation of Kiryu is inside of a ball. Now I want to see Majima given the exact same cure.


2. Pac-Gentleman


I’m cheating a tiny bit on this a person, but Pac-Gentleman could simply in good shape into the earth of Tremendous Monkey Ball. He’s presently obtained the shape, soon after all. Maybe the finest part of the visitor people is how the bananas switch to match the character becoming included, and Pac-Gentleman has some probable.

Swap the specific bananas for the small dots he eats, even though the bunches (which are called “hands”, seemingly) could be Pac Pallets. The moment he eats a Pac Pellet, the bananas could turn into ghosts. So extended as he makes the frustrating “wakka-wakka” audio the overall time, I’m great.


3. The Prince From Katamari

Katamari Damacy reroll review

Yet again, dishonest a minimal little bit, but Katamari is literally a activity about rolling, so a crossover between that franchise and Tremendous Monkey Ball would seem like an noticeable selection. Reward factors for if the King of All Cosmos chastises you for falling off the map or failing to arrive at the target in time.

As for how this would be carried out, there is two choices. Both you adhere the prince within the ball in some type of bizarre “now you know how the Katamari feels” instant, or you make the ball the Katamari and the Prince is rolling it as common. Regardless, all the bananas need to be replaced with strange objects and men and women just waiting around to be rolled up.


4. Ape Escape Monkey

Ape Escape
Ape Escape

This plan is too cute to move up, honestly. SEGA could not want to get into the realm of console or platform special visitor people (this is not Soulcalibur), but if they did, the monkeys from Ape Escape would be a perfect inclusion. Critically, I’d enjoy to see Ape Escape vs Tremendous Monkey Ball in some strange crossover. Perhaps at the Olympic Game titles, who appreciates?

The photograph of the Ape Escape monkey, operating about within of a ball with the small siren on their head, is just fantastic. I’ve willed the idea into existence and now it requires to take place. It’s possible the blue siren turns crimson when the time gets lower, or Ape Escape most important character Spike captures you if the time runs out.


5. Learn Main

Halo 3
Halo 3

If we’re carrying out PlayStation exclusives, we have to give a person for Xbox, and perhaps there’s no more substantial mascot than the Grasp Main himself. Initially, I would have mentioned “Car” from Forza, just for the visual of a car or truck trapped within of a massive ball, but Learn Main is most likely the much less foolish decide on. In addition, he’s acquired a match to boost.

As for how he’d enjoy, perhaps the ball could get the form of a plasma grenade, and all the bananas are changed with grunts. Swap the audio to the real topic, and you’ve just turned Super Monkey Ball into a fever desire version of the Warthog Run from the close of Halo 3. Congratulations, I imagine.


6. Banjo-Kazooie (or Yooka-Laylee, the non-union equivalent)


Although you may well assume that Banjo-Kazooie is yet another Xbox unique, due to remaining owned by Uncommon, his Smash Bros. overall look is evidence that Xbox are okay with delivery their characters off to other houses if the option is appropriate. Personally, there’s no better opportunity than sticking that bear and fowl in a ball and laughing about it. I necessarily mean, it’ll be better than Nuts & Bolts, appropriate?

I can by now see it going on. The tunes for Banjo-Kazooie is pretty much best for a sport as eccentric as Tremendous Monkey Ball, and you could just swap the bananas for musical notes. Failing that, Yooka-Laylee would also work, which is just the Banjo-Kazooie you have at house in accordance to your mum.


7. Roblox Character Thingy


There’s no denying that Roblox is just one of, if not the biggest sport on offer proper now, and if we want Super Monkey Ball to be better than Super Smash Bros. Final for crossovers, this would be the decide. Gaming purists Twitter would possibly dislike it, but continue to.

Alright, I’ll amount with you: I have no idea what this would look like or how to implement it, I just assume it’d be funny to listen to the “oof” sound each and every time you slide off the map. If SEGA simply cannot get Roblox, just throw in Minecraft Steve, and observe him grapple with the existential crisis of seeing a round curve. Essentially, that could be funnier.


8. Doomguy & Isabelle

Animal Crossing Doom Eternal

Nintendo, I have not neglected about you, and what improved way to characterize the brand name than by throwing Animal Crossing’s Isabelle into a ball and seeing what happens. Seriously, are they in the balls by preference, or is a person taking part in a unwell, twisted match?

Having said that, the internet fell in appreciate with Isabelle pairing up with Doomguy right after AC: New Horizons and DOOM Everlasting dropped on the very same day, so why not stick them jointly? The bananas could be a mix of Bells and Cacodemons, which is the variety of tonal whiplash I stay for. Roll and tear, right up until it is carried out.


9. Mr. X/Nemesis

Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2

Circling back to generating items appear lovely, Resident Evil’s Mr X would be a hilarious alternative for Tremendous Monkey Ball. Just picture the way he stomps close to in the remake of Resident Evil 2, but now he’s trapped inside of a ball? Also, he’s miniaturized and cute like Kiryu. I’d get that for a greenback. Or 5.

Whilst Mr. X is the connoisseur’s choose, there is no denying that Nemesis is an infinitely additional recognisable Resident Evil monster, and sticking him in a ball would be similarly amusing. In simple fact, go for the hat trick and insert Jack Baker as well. Make them all swappable costumes or a thing.


10. You

person pointing
Photo by Usman Yousaf on Unsplash

See, you imagined this was just a foolish article, but it was actually a distraction ploy. Reps from SEGA have now entered your household, and they will kidnap, things you inside a giant ball and convey to you to flawlessly entire amount right after amount of lifestyle-dimension Super Monkey Ball.

How’s that for immersion?

Tremendous Monkey Ball: Banana Mania launches October 1st, 2021 for Personal computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox 1, Xbox Series X | S, and Change.

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